Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

If you don’t already have a page for your business on Facebook, now’s the time to create one. The social web is not going away! You’ll need a personal Facebook account first to do this.

Login, and open Create a Page. Choose page type, and follow the instructions provided. It’s pretty simple!

Fill Out Page Basics

While you’re on your new page in edit mode, you will see a menu on the left with various options. Be sure to complete the information found under the first three tabs, and then upload a profile picture on the fourth tab. The remaining tabs are for additional features, like setting up your mobile phone to send updates to the page via email or text (the “Mobile” tab).

Post Content To Your Wall

Now you can share photos, status updates, links, and other content just like you would do on your personal Facebook page. Note that you can only “use” Facebook as one identity at a time. To switch between your personal and any page accounts, click the “Home” button at top right and select the identity you would like to use.

Promote Your New Page

Now you’ll want to let people know about your new page. You can do things like:

  • post an announcement on your personal Facebook page
  • tweet about it from your Twitter account
  • email friends and ask them to visit the page and “like” it
  • add a Like Box social plugin to your business’s website
  • advertise on Facebook

Claim a Username

Once your page has at least 25 fans, you can claim a username for the page. Now instead of a string of numbers, the link to your page will be the selected username. Note that once you click “confirm” you cannot edit or transfer a username.

Claim a Facebook username

Cross Link Yourself

Make sure you include your website address as well as any other pertinent links like a Twitter or LinkedIn profile in the “Website” field on the “Basic Information” tab.

Then back on your website, you’ll want to cross reference your social media links as well. Most often these are placed in a sidebar and represented with icons. One of my favorite resources for free social media icons is Lots of fun colors and styles to choose from! And royalty free for both personal and commercial use.

As mentioned before, the Facebook Like Box is another popular sidebar “widget” as well. You can find this and more social plugins to help promote your page under the “Resources” tab (when you’re in edit mode).

I hope this helps get you started with Facebook pages. If you need help, contact me.

About the author: Digital consultant and mother Samantha Sand is devoted to helping small businesses and busy families use technology tools to better manage their lives and enjoy less stress.

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